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                Electromagnetic Locks

                Electromagnetic Locks

                MODEL NO. EM-600-T

                Electromagnetic LocksA electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock or magglock can be a lockup device, in which AN magnet AND is a coil plate. There are 2 main forms of electrical lockup devices. Lockup devices are often either "fail safe" or "fail safe". A fail-safe lockup device is saved after losing power Once de-energized, unsuccessful lockup devices become unformed.

                Direct pull electromagnetic lock are inherently unsuccessful-safe. Usually the lock of the lock is connected to the frame of the door and a sexual union is attached to the plate. After locking the door, two elements are tuned.

                Once the magnet is activated, a current passes through the magnet, creates a magnetic flux, which causes the coil plate to be dragged into the magnet, causing a lockup action. The result of the sexual union position of magnet and coil is comparatively vast, the force created by the magnetic flux is powerful enough, so that the door can be closed even under the stress.


                • Low Profile Design
                • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
                • Easy Wiring Access Activity
                • Silent Operation
                • Reliability - No Mechanical Moving Part, Won't Wear Out
                • Compatibility - Can Be Used With
                • Any Access Control
                Lock Size 250 X 48 X 25mm3
                Magnet 250 X 43 X 27mm3
                Armature 160 X 40 X 12mm3
                Voltage 12V
                Current 500ma at 12V
                Holding Force 600 LBS
                Unit Weight 1.8 kg (approx.)
                Satin Anodised Aluminium Housing Yes

                LSC Graph