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                Ceiling Mount Pir Motion Sensor With Light

                Ceiling Mount Pir Motion Sensor With Light Model No.HC-25A

                Ceiling Mount Pir Motion Sensor With LightHC-25A (Ceiling Light with PIR Sensor) can detect the infrared rays released by human motion within the detection area, and then start the in built load -light automatically. The unit is for indoor use only. HC-25A is the ceiling lamp, it is IP20 waterproof class. The customers usually install this sensor in the living room, restroom, corridor, and verandah

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                • Living Room
                • Rest Room
                • Corridor
                • Verandan
                • Lifts / Lift Lobby
                • ATM'S
                • Hospitals / Nursing Homes
                Rated Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
                Load Wattage Max. 2x25W incandescent bulb or Max. 2x9W fluorescent lamps
                Detection Area Max. 4 meters in radius
                Detection Angle Max. 360o around
                Time-delay From 10±5 seconds to 4±1 minutes adjustable
                LUX Control Level From daytime to darkness adjustable
                Protection Class IP20

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