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                Pir Motion Sensor For Light Control With Manual Override

                Pir Motion Sensor For Light Control With Manual Override - HC - 7D

                Pir Motion Sensor For Light Control With Manual OverrideHC-7D sensor switch can detect the infrared Rays released by human body motion within the Detection area, then start the load-light automatically.

                This PIR Sensor has an extra feature of manual override. HC-7D has a longer detection range and wider angle, it is better for security use.

                Many customers like to install the HC-7D in the garden, because it has an overridden function.

                Download PDF


                • Garage
                • Corridor
                • ? Near Gate
                • Basements
                • Parking Area
                • Lockers / Safe Rooms
                • Atms – Colleges/ Schools/ Institutes
                • Multi-Apartment Complexes
                • Hospital/ Nursing Homes
                • Malls And Many More Places….!
                Rated Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
                Load Wattage Max.300W incandescent bulb or Max. 150W fluorescent lamp
                Detection Area Max. 8 Meters
                Detection Angle Max. 90o
                Time –delay From 10±5 seconds to 4±1 minutes adjustable
                LUX Control Leve From daytime to darkness adjustable
                Protection Class IP20

                HC - 7C Graph