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                360° Ceiling Mount PIR SenSwitch

                360° Ceiling Mount PIR SenSwitch LC-360

                360° Ceiling Mount PIR SenSwitch LC-360

                LC-360 is a 360 ceiling mount passive infrared SenSwitch designed for automatic lighting control of commercial/industrial applications.

                By utilizing a specially designed omni-directional infrared sensor and fresnel lens, this SenSwitch is able to switch on the light when people enters its extensive detection coverage from any direction.

                A built-in photocell sensor with different threshold can be set to enable the control function based on the ambient light level. Different light-on delay times can be selected by easy jumper head placement.

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                • Surface mount technology production
                • Built-in CdS photocell light sensor
                • Second-to-none square detection range
                • Easy TIME delay & LUX level selection
                • Automatic temperature compensation
                • Omni-directional detection capability
                • Detection range mask label provided
                • Superior RFI/EMI immunity protection
                • Recess mountable with MB-360
                Power supply 110/ 230 VAC as unit rated
                Maximum load 5A, 250 VAC for resistive load
                Delay time 5"/30"/1'/3'/5'/20' jumper selection
                Infrared sensor Omni-directional, dual element
                Light sensor CdS photocell
                Detection speed 0.1~3.0 m/sec.
                Mounting height 2.4~3.6 m (8 ~ 12 ft)
                Op. humidity Max 100% RH
                Op. temperature -20C~50C (-4F~122F)
                Dimensions 100 x 100 x 46 mm

                Detection Pattern