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                Occupancy Detector HC 26

                Occupancy Detector HC 26

                Occupancy Detector HC 26? 2000 W
                ? 360° flush ceiling mount
                ? Occupancy Detector with IR remote controller


                • 360°micro motion detectable
                • Ceiling surface mount design
                • Photo sensor inside for smart control
                • Run-on time adjustable-Ambient lux. setting adjustable
                • Up to 2000W loading
                • Smart RelayTMto protect product life
                • Support IR remote control for On/Off/Auto control
                Power requirement 220 ~ 240VAC / 50Hz
                Loading 2,000W for incandescent
                1000W for fluorescent (T8)
                Detection Angle 360°
                Detection Range @2.5m height F= 6m for micro motion
                F= 10m for walk across motion
                Run-on time setting 5 sec. ~ 15 min,
                Ambient light setting 10 ~ 500 Lux.
                Operation mode Auto/On/Off
                Warm-up time Approximately 1 minute
                Smart Relay Yes
                Isolation Protection Class II
                Water proof IP20
                Working temp. -10°C~+40°C
                Storage temp. -20°C~+70°C
                Power consumption 1W maximum
                Dimension (W*L*D) 126.6mm dia. X 71.2mm (D)

                Dimension: mm (inch)

                Occupancy Detector HC 26 Dimension

                Detection Area -360°

                Installation Height Sitting Walking
                2.5 meter 28.27 M2
                3m x 3m x 3.14
                113.1 M2
                6m x 6m x 3.14
                Occupancy Detector HC 26 Detection

                Application Example

                Occupancy Detector HC 26 Application


                Occupancy Detector HC 26 Installation

                Wiring Terminals

                Occupancy Detector HC 26 Wire TerminalsL : AC power input
                N : AC power input
                LS : AC power output to load

                Connection Example

                Occupancy Detector HC 26 Connection