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                Vibration Sensor Model: PS 922

                Vibration Sensor


                • Adjustable Dual Sensitivity Range
                • High False Alarm Immunity
                • Selectable LED Indication
                • SAurface Mount Technology

                Vibration Sensor Vibration Sensor Graph

                Mounting : Window Frames, Door, Walls, Roofs
                Casting White ABC Body
                Dimensions 86mm X 26mm X 25mm
                Supply Voltage 9V To 16 VDC
                Current 10mA Typical
                Alarm Output Normaly closed potential free contacts.
                Having rating as 200 VDC, 500mA
                Alarm Period 2-4 seconds(typical)
                Detection LED Internally linked to enable/disable using jumper setting
                Detection Method Piezo Electric Transducer