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                PIR Motion Sensor for Lights With Halogen Lamps

                PIR Motion Sensor for Lights (With Halogen Lamps HC-150W watt/HC-500W watt)

                Halogen Lamps HC-150W

                The infrared induced lamp has an infrared detector with it. When the thermal body moving in the darkness the detector will light the lamp automatically and turn off after a period of time set in advance.


                • PIR Motion Sensor with Floodlight
                • Day and Night mode
                • Time adjustment
                • Selectable sensitivity of the detector
                Power Source : AC 220/240, 50Hz
                Max Lighting load : 150W/500W (Halogen tube)
                Detection angle : up to 120 °
                Detection range : up to 14Meters
                Time adjustment : (10 ± 5) sec. to (4 ± 1 ) min
                Warm uptime : about 1 min
                Mounting Height : 1.8 Meters to 2.4 Meters