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                Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, OPTEX LX-402

                Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, OPTEX LX-402

                Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor, OPTEX LX-402 INTRODUCTION: Optex Outdoor Passive Infrared Detector, LX – 402 is a fully automatic outdoor sensor with 120o C wide angle. LX- 402 has selectable Detection area patterns with day/ night mode. It can be installed outdoor & indoor with water- resistant and weatherproof features.


                • Halls, Stair Wells
                • Public Area
                • Offices
                • Corridors
                • Basements


                • Selectable Detection area patterns
                • Day/ Night mode also.
                • Ceiling & Wall mounting
                • Waterproof & Weatherproof
                • Selectable Sensitivity
                • Form C Relay output
                Detection Method Passive Infrared
                Detection Area 40ft X 50ft (12Meters X 15Meters) 120o C
                Coverage Multi – Level Area 40 Zones
                Pet Alley Area 18 Zones
                Mounting Height Multi – Level Area 8.3ft (2.5Meters) max
                Pet Alley Area 4-5ft (1.2-1.5Meters)
                Detection Speed 1-3.3ft/sec. (0.3-1.0m/sec.)
                Sensitivity Adjustment Selectable 3position ( H,M,L )
                LED Indicator LED light during detection
                Alarm Period 2 ± 1 sec. (Delay Timer)
                Alarm Output NC. NO.28V DC 0.2A max
                Tamper Switch Opens when cover removed.
                Pulse Count 2 ( 20 ± 5 sec. ) or Test ( 1 pulse)
                Day/ Night Mode adjustment Approx. 10 to 100,000 lux
                Warm up period Approx. 60 sec
                Power input 10.8- 13.2 VDC
                Current draw 25 mA max
                Mounting Wall ( Indoor/ Outdoor)
                Operating temperature -4 ° F-+ 122 ° F ( -20 °C-+50°C)
                Weight 6.0oz (170g)