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                Pet-immune Passive Infrared Detector IR-580P

                Pet-immune Passive Infrared Detector IR-580P

                Pet-immune Passive Infrared Detector IR-580P The IR-580P PLATO is a passive infrared detector with pet-immunity detection. Utillizing IR-TEC patented Target Size Verification technology; this state-of-the-art motion detector is able to immune normal movement of domestic pet up to 20 kgs (45 lb).

                It shares the same housing with 580 series, system designer can easily select various model to harmonize the interior decor with consistent appearence.

                This detector provides every security professional the leading edges with its reliable detection in the intrusion detection of pet friendly areas.


                • Target Size Verification (TSV) technology
                • Excellent RFI and EMI immunity
                • Built-in temperature compensation
                • Double noise reduction circuit
                • Sealed optics mechanism design
                • Disabled blue light walk test LED
                • Second-to-none wiring space
                • Selectable intelligent pulse count
                • NC/NO selectable alarm output
                • Up to 20 kgs pet immunity detection
                Infrared sensor Dual element
                Power Supply 9~16 VDC, 12 VDC typical
                Current drain NC: 15 mA, NO: 8 mA @12VDC
                Alarm Output N.C/N.O 30VDC, 0.2A max.
                Alarm Period 2 0.5 sec.
                Pulse Count 2 / 3 selectable
                Detection Range 100, 12 x 12 m at 25C
                Tamper Switch N.C cover open activates
                Walk Test LED Blue, can be disabled
                RFI Immunity Max. 40V/m (10~1000 MHz)
                Detectable Speed 0.3 ~ 1.5m/sec.
                Mounting Height 2.2 m typical
                Humidity 95% RH maximum
                Temperature -20C~60C (-4F~140F)
                Dimensions 100 x 60 x 42 mm

                DETECTION PATTERN

                DETECTION PATTERN