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                PIR+MW Dual Technology Detector - DP550

                PIR+MW Dual Technology Detector - DP550

                PIR+MW Dual Technology Detector - DP550 DP-550 is a compact PIR+MW dual technology detector with sleek appearence and superior reliability. This motion detector is a combination of passive infrared sensor and microwave sensor.

                The alarm signal is generated only when both sensors detect the intrusion at the same time. Therefore, the detection reliability is greater than single technology detector.

                This detector shares the same housing with other 550-series sensors. System designer can easily select various sensors to harmonize the interior decor with uniform appearence.


                • Advanced DRO microwave sensor
                • NC/NO selectable alarm output
                • Excellent look down detection
                • Motion signal discretion technology
                • Selectable pulse count PIR detection
                • Superior RFI and EMI protection
                • Adjustable microwave detection range
                • Temperature compensated PIR sensor
                • Fluorescent light interference filter circuit
                • Housing screw loosening tamper trigger
                Power Supply 9 ~ 16VDC, 12VDC typical
                Current Drain 30mA, @12VDC
                Infrared Sensor Dual element, high sensitivity, low noise
                Microwave Sensor DRO type, patch antenna
                Detection Angle 110 degree wide
                Detection Range 15m @25° C
                Mounting Height 2.0 ~ 2.4m, 2.4 ~ 3.6 m with bracket
                Alarm Period 1.5 ~ 2.5sec.
                Alarm Output NC/NO, 30 VDC, 0.2A
                Tamper Protection NC, housing screw loosening trigger
                Pulse Count 2/3 selectable
                Temperature -20° C ~ 50° C (4° F ~ 122° F)
                Dimensions 112 x 66 x 45mm

                DETECTION PATTERN

                DETECTION PATTERN