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                Passive Infrared SenSwitch

                Passive Infrared SenSwitch LC-780 / LC-780HD

                Passive Infrared SenSwitch LC-780 / LC-780HD

                LC-780 series is a wide angle passive infrared SenSwitch designed to control indoor or outdoor lighting by sensing the presence of human body.

                Its unique mechanism design make it able to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The adjustable sensor head provides easy mounting site selection and optimum detection adjustment. LUX and TIME controls are adjustable.

                The LC-780 is for general light control with less than 10 Amp load switching. The LC-780HD is for heavier lead up to 16 Amp load switching.

                LC780 Dimension

                Download PDF


                • Living Room
                • Rest Room
                • Corridor
                • Verandan
                • Lifts / Lift Lobby
                • ATM'S
                • Hospitals / Nursing Homes
                Product No. LC-780 LC-780HD
                Power supply 100-250 VAC 100-250 VAC
                Maximum load 10A 16A
                Delay time 8 sec.~8 min
                Photocell sensor CdS
                Infrared sensor Dual element
                Detection speed 0.15-3 m/sec.
                Mounting height 1.8-3.0 m (6-10 ft)
                Temperature -20°C - 50°C (4°F - 122°F)
                Dimensions 125 x 105 x 62 mm

                Detection Pattern

                LC 780Detection Pattern